Jaime + Nate


This was the wedding I wanted to blog about first, the wedding that changed all weddings for me. Sure, I’d seen a lot of boho, whimsical, dreamy weddings on Pinterest and all over social media, but until you see a wedding like this in person you haven’t really seen anything. Pictures can’t even begin to do it justice, and even my video doesn’t quite get there. Jaime and Nate didn’t call it their “best day ever”, but instead decided to say it was the “best day yet”. Jaime said, “I loved our wedding day so much, it is just the beginning of our amazing life together. I wouldn’t want to go back in time, because I truly believe that each new morning as Nate’s wife is the best day yet!” I don’t even know if I’ll be able to put into words the amount of soul, joy, and faith that was put into this day but I will definitely give it a shot.

I want to go back to the beginning, when I first met Jaime at a coffee shop to discuss her wedding. I can name about 5 people that I have met in my life and I immediately knew there was something different about them. Something about them that just radiates such positivity, and pure joy. I am not close with any of these people but when I think about bettering myself and how I want people to see me I think of these people and how much they impacted me the first time we met. Jaime is one of these people for me. She lit up when she started talking about Nate and the details of their wedding, and not about the simple things like her shoes, or the colors of her bridesmaid’s dresses. She talked about the deep stuff, the parts of the day that were really going to make it a special day between her and Nate. She spent more time talking about him and their future plans together than she did talking about the wedding, which was something I don’t see very often. Meeting her moved me.



In the woods, down a long path surrounded by trees, behind an actual castle (the groom’s parents’ house) is where they said their vows. Sounds like a dream right? Well, it was! The family had built an awning and lined up chairs for their loved ones to share in their morning wedding. Yup, morning! The guests grabbed a newspaper featuring the couple to read as they strolled down the path. The long walk also gave the bride and her father a special moment, much longer than most brides get when walking down the aisle. Then when she got in viewing distance of Nate, joy overtook both of them. His expression was everything. He was instantly taken over with so many emotions and the tears started flowing. Not just Nate, but everyone got a little emotional seeing the exchange between these two.

--Before I continue I want to mention that originally Jaime and Nate planned on doing a first look before the ceremony, but I am so glad they decided not to. I can promise that this reaction would not have been quite this intense had it taken place between just the two of them. I’ll blog about first looks next because I’ve got a lot to say about them. 

Moving onto the vows, Nate and Jaime did better at describing the love felt at this wedding than I ever could, so make sure to go listen to them. Before ever meeting Nate, Jaime had written in her journal about what she wanted in her future husband. She had forgotten all about this and stumbled upon the entry a few days before the wedding. When she read it to herself she realized that Nate in fact was exactly what she had described and so she shared what she had written as well as her vows and he shared his. They were beyond beautiful.


The reception was a fairytale; Jaime asked an older man that she had developed a friendship with over the years and his band to play. There was a professional pancake flipper who would cook mass amounts of pancakes and toss them across the room. There was a coffee bar that brewed coffee and filled the shed with the best aroma. The place just had such a relaxing vibe and the breakfast food was delicious.

Next came the wedding toasts given by the best man and maid of honor. Honestly both of these were so good and so heartfelt that I am going to blog about it separately, it’s THAT good! For now just trust me, they were epic.

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As a whole, this wedding just changed the way I saw weddings. They didn’t worry about what most weddings look like today, but truly designed the day to focus on what was most essential to them as a couple. They did a morning wedding because they wanted to have the rest of the day to spend together as a married couple. They also chose not to celebrate with alcohol and the typical wedding “party” that most weddings include nowadays, and they really did put God at the center of the day. There was just something so special about the day and I swear I didn’t stop smiling the whole time. They didn’t spend a ton of money buying all these fabulous things; they just had a lot of really great people that made the day incredible. It was all about the people, a group of really kind, genuine people. “The day was simple yet intentional”, Jaime said, which could not have been more true. I am truly grateful and honored to have been able to witness Jaime & Nate’s weddings, to have met Jaime & Nate and the rest of their friends and family.

I hope to be able to film more breakfast weddings in the future! Oh wait I already have, I did Maddie & Cody’s wedding (Jaime & Nate’s maid of honor and best man). Which also will have it’s own blog because it also was very special!


Wedding day vendors:

Pancakes – Chris Cakes of Wichita

Coffee – Mainstate Coffee Co.

Photographer- Conlee Arpin (special shoutout for letting me use some of her awesome shots in this post!)

Hair- Conlee Arpin

Brittany Compton