With an adventurous soul and witty humor, I promise we will have a good time together! Making people laugh is a super power of mine, although I’m never sure if people are laughing at me or with me. I’m cool with both though.

Culture, travel, nature, and eclectic charm feed my inspiration. I am fascinated with the dynamics and history of everyones love story and strive to showcase that and the raw moments in my work. This won’t be your average wedding video, it will be you, your love, and fun as shit!

 I love nature, animals, and anything outdoors! I find serenity and peace when spending time in the woods hunting. I will say yes to any kind of outdoor adventure rather it be sky diving, rock climbing, whitewater rafting. YES to all the things!

Music speaks to my soul. I am one of those people that knows the words to every song but couldn't tell you any of the artists names or song titles. I have a guitar and plan to learn to play in the near future (yes, I've been saying that for years but this year I mean it!). 

Books are cool, I read a lot, I like to learn.

 Traveling the world is top on my bucket list. Seeing different cultures and meeting new people gives me all the good feels! 

My biggest goal in life is to make enough money so that I can easily give it all away. As a Enneagram 2, helping people speaks to my soul and I hope to start a nonprofit of my own someday.  



MacKenzie + Jordan
This girl did an amazing job on our videos, we laughed and cried and got to enjoy all the parts that we missed!!! Thanks to her we get to enjoy the best parts of our best day over and over!!! 100% recommend her to capture your wedding!!!

Morgan + Mike
Brittany did an amazing job with our wedding videos! She responded quickly and was fun to have around all day. I was very indecisive on whether I should have a videographer for my big day or not but I'm so glad I did and that I chose Brittany.

Mallory + Bob
Brittany was amazing to work with she did such an amazing job and had our video back to us in no time. By far my favorite thing we have from our wedding the best decision we made was to hire her!!!!